• Vulgar rap video recorded on high school campus upsets Douglas County parents

    By: Tom Jones


    DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga. - Actress Keke Palmer and rapper Tyga are at the center of a controversy inside a local school.

    Parents are upset that they filmed a video with vulgar language in front of kids. It's part of a viral video craze.

    The stars had permission to film at the school for their MTV horror series “Scream.”

    Vulgar rap video recorded on high school campus upsets Douglas County parents

    The school system told Channel 2's Tom Jones that the actors didn't have permission to record a lewd rap song.

    Parents say that's not something appropriate for high school students.

    "Wow is all I can say. Extremely vulgar, yes. That's not what I want my taxes to pay for," is one parent reaction after being shown the raunchy rap video.

    Parents told Jones they couldn’t believe the lewd lyrics they heard, and they were shocked it was allowed on a high school campus with students nearby.

    “That is not what we want our children to see,” a parent told Jones.


    The video was shot at Douglas County High School last month.

    The school system allowed MTV to shoot its horror series “Scream,” starring Palmer and Tyga, on campus.

    A spokesperson said the school did not approve the pair recording the video after school.

    The video was done as part of the #ForTheD**k challenge, a raunchy social media trend where people recite a freestyle, inserting the phrase, “for the d**k” at the end of every bar.

    In the video, students can be seen in the background.

    “It's extremely inappropriate for someone that age and at a high school,” a parent said.

    The school says the production crew apologized. The school sent out a letter to parents also apologizing.

    “I can’t believe they did that at school,” parent Francis Glass told Jones.

    Glass said she is really disappointed in Palmer. She told Jones that she's seen all her movies.

    “She always carried herself with class. And this is not class. Oh no. That's trashy,” Glass said.

    The school system said it is reviewing its policies to make sure this doesn't happen again.

    It says the rapper circled back and met with students where he talked to them about making good decisions.

    The video has been viewed more than 6 million times.

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