• Voters confused after finding polling place moved to Georgia Tech campus


    ATLANTA - Some Fulton County voters said they showed up to cast ballots Tuesday only to learn their polling place had moved.
    Some voters said they had to pay to park at the new location.
    The new polling location is on the Georgia Tech campus. When voters showed up, they had to take a parking ticket to get in.
    Early Tuesday morning, no signs were posted letting voters know they didn't have to pay.
    "The election process was a little frustrating this morning," voter Cindy Carter said.
    Carter was among several voters who contacted Channel 2 Action News after casting her ballot.
    Carter said she went to her polling place All Saints Episcopal Church on West Peachtree Street. That's when she saw the signs explaining her precinct had been moved.
    Carter showed Channel 2’s Kerry Kavanaugh her voter registration card which she said wasn't much help.
    "It actually lists two polling places without telling you that the polling place had been changed,” Carter said.
    Voter Jerry Haley had the same issue.
    "On here it shows two different locations," Haley said. "Very frustrating."
    Kavanaugh talked to Haley at the Georgia Tech student services building, the new polling location. It was listed on the cards, but voters said it was unclear to them anything had changed.
    That wasn't their only concern.
    "(It was) hard to find, hard to park," Haley said.
    Early Tuesday morning, it was unclear that parking in the lot was free for voters. The signs came later.
    "We had signs at All Saints to direct them over and we made sure all of the signs at Georgia Tech now direct all of the voters to the correct place," said Richard Barron, director of Fulton County Elections.
    Barron said he's unsure how many people were impacted by the confusing voter cards. He encouraged voters to call his office or check the elections website if they have any questions about polling locations.
    "It's just a little frustrating and discouraging when you have to go to pay to park just to vote," Barron said.
    Election officials did leave a MapQuest printout of directions to the Georgia Tech polling place, but that did not account for a detour, confusing voters even more.

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