Violent fight outside Morrow High School caught on video

MORROW, Ga. — A student Morrow High School student captured video of a fight that he claims was gang related.

The incident happened on campus Tuesday during a lunch period.

The cellphone video shows two young men throwing punches as dozens of students watch.

"I shot the video so they could know what's going on at the school, and they could actually step up and do something about it and get more officers out here," said 18-year-old senior Devonte McCoy.

McCoy told Channel 2's Carl Willis he's seen more fights that he believes are gang related.

Clayton County Public Schools Spokesperson David Waller said that they look into the possibility of gang involvement whenever there's a fight.

Still, he said he does not believe the students involved in the fight are gang members.

"I don't know the history of these guys, but the officer who investigated seems to believe that there's no reason to suspect that this had anything to do with gangs," said Waller.

McCoy took issue with that investigating officer's absence during the fight.

"He wasn't around." said McCoy. "I feel like at least have two officers on campus to provide more safety for students."

Willis asked Waller where the school resource officer was at the time of the fight.

Waller said he was in a mandatory meeting that was required by law.

"But we do have coaches, so we have teachers, of course, that are all around the cafeteria," said Waller. There was a coach that saw it. He said he was on the scene within 30 seconds and he broke it up."

Channel 2 Action News was at the Morrow High School campus just two weeks ago when a deputy sheriff said a gang fight left an innocent student with a black eye and another with a broken bone.

Waller said he doesn't believe this was related.

He said gang fights typically involve more than a one on one confrontation.

Waller said both students were suspended for five days.

McCoy said he just hopes his video will lead to an improvement in the sense of safety on campus.

"I just need to let the county know that it needs to stop and we're getting tired of coming here worried about our safety," he said.