• Video shows stolen car flip and land on veteran, seriously injuring him

    By: Matt Johnson


    SOUTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - A veteran was hanging on to the side of his car when a thief tried to take it from a gas station. He is now seriously hurt when the car flipped on top of him.

    Glenaj Washington, 24, told Channel 2's Matt Johnson he can barely walk.

    "I was either going to get run over or dragged by the vehicle," he said. "When I went to the door I was like, 'Hey what are you doing?' next thing you know, he got startled, threw it in reverse, and peeled off," Washington said. 


    Washington said the impact broke bones in one of his legs and an ankle.

    Video from the BP gas station on Lakewood Avenue in East Point shows how the thief inside his van gets out of it then gets into a getaway car to leave the scene.

    "He had a friend next to it where we crashed and just helped him out while I'm just sitting on here," he said.

    Washington said he had just run inside the gas station on July 9 last year while working as a roadside mechanic so he left the car running.

    "Make sure it was running, just in case you get a call on an emergency ," Washington said.

    He says he saw someone go inside his van so he ran toward it and he says the thief panicked.

    "One hand was in the window of the door and the other one was like holding onto the top," Washington said.

    Nine months later, he still has broken bones and rising medical bills because he said he wasn't covered by his job's insurance. A GoFundMe has been created to help him. You can donate here

    "I have to put on a strong face so nobody knows im in pain," Washington said.

    It's painful for Washington to even talk about which is why going to gas stations will never be the same.

    "I don't trust anyone around me anymore, when it comes to coming to the gas station," he said.

    Police have not made any arrests in this case. They were able to make out the getaway car and they describe it as a silver Honda Accord.

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