• VIDEO: Fast food worker fights off robber in drive-thru

    By: Audrey Washington


    ATLANTA - Police are looking for a man they say tried to rob a fast food restaurant at gunpoint.

    On Thursday, Channel 2’s Audrey Washington obtained video of the attempted robbery at a McDonald's on Powder Springs Road in Cobb County.

    In the video, the man pulls up to the drive-thru window and hands a cashier a bag with a note that said: "Don’t run or I’ll shoot. Put all the money in the bag."

    The cashier, identified as high school senior Alex Miller, appears to have an exchange with the man, before he eventually drives off in a white truck.

    “I was really surprised. I didn’t really think that it was going to happen,” Miller said. "I was telling him that I couldn’t open the door because I needed my manager before I could do that and I closed the window and he was trying to open it.”


    On Thursday, Washington sat down with a Powder Springs police detective who showed her the April 11 surveillance video and explained what happened next.

    “He’s going to point the bag at him with the gun. He’s going to try to open the window and when the cashier takes off, he takes off as well,” the detective said.

    Police said before the attempted robbery, surveillance video from another angle, showed the man scoping things out and then removing his license plate.

    Ultimately, the would-be “Big Mac Bandit” drove away without getting a dime.

    “It’s like he was trying to find a easy way to get money,” Miller said.

    Police told Washington the man may have hit other restaurants in metro Atlanta. They want to catch him before he strikes again. They are asking anyone who knows anything about the attempted robbery to give them a call.

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