Couple in their 70s killed when north Georgia home explodes

UNION COUNTY, Ga. — On Sunday morning, a home on Pauline Lane in Union County suddenly exploded, a sad situation that ended with the death of two people.

Investigators and neighbors are still questioning what exactly happened at the home.

“We have an incredibly sad situation in North Georgia,” said John King, Georgia Insurance and Safety fire commissioner.

The blast was so powerful that pieces of the home landed in the trees across the street.

The couple who died inside of the home has been identified as Ralph and Peggy Wood. They were both in their 70s.


“We’ve been friends for nearly 20 years. They were very nice people,” said neighbor Jane Stone.

King said that the investigation will be lengthy and difficult.

“Our investigators will spend a lot of time at the scene trying to recover every bit of that house as much as we can (to) reconstruct of the scene — to look at the gas outlets, the settings, any of the utilities. This is going to be a very deliberate investigation because we need to get to the bottom of what happened,” King said.