Explaining the difference in severe weather risk categories

What does a “slight” risk mean? What’s does an “enhanced” risk include? Here’s how to know what to expect, based on what severe weather threat you are under.

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Marginal Risk

  • Isolated severe thunderstorms possible
  • Limited in duration and/or coverage and/or intensity
  • Winds 40 to 60 mph
  • Hail up to 1 inch
  • Low tornado risk

Slight Risk

  • Scattered severe storms possible
  • Short-lived and/or not widespread, isolated intense storms possible
  • One or two tornadoes possible
  • Reports of strong winds/wind damage

Enhanced Risk

  • Numerous severe storms possible
  • More persistent and/or widespread, a few intense
  • A few tornadoes possible
  • Several reports of wind damage
  • Damaging hail, 1 to 2 inches

Moderate Risk

  • Widespread severe storms likely
  • Long-lived, widespread and intense
  • Strong tornadoes possible
  • Widespread wind damage
  • Destructive hail, 2 inches or larger

High Risk

  • Widespread severe storms expected
  • Long-lived, very widespread and particularly intense
  • Tornado outbreak possible
  • Derecho (a long-lived wind storm)