University of Georgia plays to largest crowd ever in historic game

The game is at 8 p.m. Saturday.

ATHENS, Ga. — Nearly 100,000 fans descended on Athens for the historic University of Georgia game against Notre Dame Saturday night.

A total of 93,246 fans crowded the Sanford Stadium in the biggest game in the team's history at the UGA stadium.

Channel 2's Michael Seiden was in Athens where he talked to fans as they filed into the game. The team spirit was strong for both UGA and Notre Dame fans.

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"It is just packed," Will Kellum said. "Everybody is hyped! Everybody is friendly and stuff like that when you see the other Notre Dame people... Everybody is riled up for it!"

"Listen, I'm from South Bend," Notre Dame fan Raney Mallard said. "We may bend, but we will never fold! Honestly believe we're going to win this game."

An extra 500 student seating were added for the huge game. Students had to line up early on Saturday to get the best views at the field.

"It's not really assigned. We get a section but when it fills up, it fills up," said Tim Cearley, from UGA Tickets Operations.

Saturday's game will be the biggest audience for the Bulldogs since the 2016 G-Day game.

"Saturday is going to be a fun day. All eyes will be on Athens and there's going to be some challenges, but we'll be there ready to help as best we can," Cearley said.

If you're a lucky holder of a ticket, they are going for hundreds online. But the schools said if you're still looking for tickets, you need to be careful about counterfeits.

Cearley said because of the scarcity of tickets for the game, there are lots of counterfeits being sold. He said one man said he paid $4,000 only to call the office and find out they were fake.

Cearley said real tickets will have special embossing on the front and will have the image of a bulldog that can only be seen under a special light on the back.

"We know that there are some challenges ahead. We've already seen it on the secondary market. There are some counterfeits out there, so one point from our perspective is be mindful of that. Buyer beware," Cearley said.

Cearley said he can only vouch for StubHub, because they verify tickets before they sell them. Cearley said a ticket can have the embossing and special signature on the back and still be fake, so he said if you have any questions, contact the ticket office with that bar code on the back.