UGA football player faces Athens-Clarke county judge for sexual assault charges

ATHENS, Ga. — UGA football player Adam Anderson was in court today to face accusations that he committed a sexual assault.

The courtroom was packed with his family, friends, coaches and former teachers. Some of these supporters spoke about Anderson’s character before the court.

“I think he has a great character from my judgment,” said Bryant Gant, UGA director of player support.

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Several of his teammates also showed up to vouch for Anderson after a UGA student accused him of rape.

“He’s more than my teammate, he’s like by brother,” said Nolan Smith.

A student who said she trusted Anderson told police that she was drunk when she walked to his apartment on Oct. 29. She said she woke up to Anderson having non-consensual sex with her. A victim services worker read her impact statement in court — the student said the attack has turned her life upside down.

Prosecutors also revealed another UGA student has accused Anderson of raping her in October of last year. This victim has also asked the judge to deny bond to Anderson.


The judge ruled that Anderson is not a danger to the community and ordered his bond to be set at $25,000.

Anderson has since been released from the Clarke County Jail.