Uber latest company to launch e-scooter program in Atlanta

The company announced this morning that its ?€œJUMP by Uber?€ scooters will launch in Atlanta today.

ATLANTA — The company that started the ride sharing phenomenon is now getting into the electronic scooter game.

Uber announced that its “JUMP by Uber” scooters launched in Atlanta on Wednesday along with programs in Austin, Texas and Los Angeles.

The company is even partnering with Lime, which came to Atlanta earlier this year and is known for its green scooters. It also plans to launch motorized bikes sometime at the start of the New Year.

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Channel 2's Wendy Corona talked with brand ambassadors for Uber as they placed scooters throughout Atlanta.

The “JUMP” program costs a $1 to sign up and costs 10 cents a minute to ride one. Riders can find or reserve one of the red scooters on the Uber app.

“Instead of picking a ride at the top, you’ll pick a scooter. From there, it’ll populate," ambassador Amber Cesair told Corona.


Hundreds of scooters have been spotted in metro Atlanta in recent months. Some have praised the extra way of transportation while others have criticized them as a safety hazard.

"It just helps out having some of these people off the road, riding on scooters," rider Anthony White said.

"They're littering out streets at this point," neighbor Susan Roe said.

Uber is offering free helmets for anyone who signs their safety pledge. One woman told Corona that she thinks handing out helmets will help people ride safer. Another woman said there should be a way to attach the helmets onto the scooters.

Atlanta is considering an ordinance that would set rules for where people can ride and park scooters. The council could also add annual fees for scooter companies.