WEEKEND ATTACK: Uber driver beaten, robbed by women she picked up on GSU campus

ATLANTA — Atlanta police are searching for two women they say beat up, robbed and carjacked an Uber driver.

Crickett Diggs said she picked the two women up on a ride-share in front of Patton Hall on the Georgia State University campus about 9 a.m. Saturday.

After dropping off the other passengers in the car, Diggs said she noticed the two women had canceled their ride and asked them to get out of her car.

Diggs said the women took her keys, forced her into the passenger side of her Honda Civic and beat her. They finally forced her out of the car and drove away in it.

Channel 2's Richard Elliot spoke with Diggs, who described the terrifying moments when she says the women attacked her.

"She put me in a chokehold and was trying to drag me out of the car, but the other person had me by the hair," Diggs said. "I was barely hanging out of the car and that's when she climbed over and hit me."

The women eventually forced Diggs out of the car.

Diggs was left with a black eye and other minor injuries. She was treated and released from Grady Memorial Hospital.

Police recovered the car a few hours later in an apartment complex off Pointview Drive.

The women also stole Diggs' phone, ID and her bank card.


Diggs and her husband Andrew said they just bought the car last Monday and that the women left the vehicle damaged.

"It looks like they keyed it right here, all the way over here and then above the gas tank, all the way down to the taillight," Andrew Diggs said.

Crickett Diggs said she's glad she was able to come home to her family, but angry that the women stole from her.

"I'm relieved that we got the car back, but I mean, angry that they took everything that was in the car," she said.

Andrew Diggs said even though he is glad his wife only suffered minor injuries, he's angry someone tried to hurt her.

"So they beat up a woman and then carjacked her vehicle that's not even hers? That's not right. That's not right at all," Andrew Diggs said.