• TSA seizes 3 weapons at Atlanta airport in days following Boston bombing

    By: Tony Thomas


    ATLANTA - Despite increased security and constant reminders of the Boston bombings, officials at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport said passengers are still trying to pass through the security checkpoints with weapons in their bags.

    The Transportation Security Administration said agents have seized three weapons just in the week since the attacks and one was even loaded.

    Officials shared pictures of some of the weapons with Channel 2's Tony Thomas.

    In all, agents said eight weapons have been found in April, bringing the number to 26 for confiscated weapons for the year.

    "I don't know how anyone can forget and leave a gun," said passenger Anthony Dozier before he boarded a flight with his son.

    According to police reports, a Newnan man was caught with a gun in his bag one day after the Boston bombings. He told Thomas on the phone that his "was a victimless crime."

    The next day, records show a Fayette County man "forgot" his loaded gun in his backpack.

    Tennessee resident David White remains in the Clayton County Jail after agents said he brought a gun through security Monday afternoon.

    He was about to board a Delta flight to Orlando and said he drove down from Chattanooga and simply forgot about the weapon.

    The oddest weapon seized has to be David Coppernol's inoperable hand grenade desk ornament.

    Agents found it before the Boston bombings but did call out the bomb squad to make sure it was inert.

    The device was seized but Coppernol was not charged.

    He told Thomas by phone that he bought the device which was placed on a piece of wood with the words "Complaint? Take a number" written on it at Fort Benning. It was to be a gift for his wife.

    Coppernol said he never thought it would be grabbed by TSA.

    "All the sudden hell broke loose and I'm going, 'Jesus, what did I do?'" he said. "Lesson learned, and believe me, it's learned."

    Thomas asked him what he thought of the situation now that he looks back on it.

    "Oh man, I screwed up and that will never, never, never happen again, I can tell you that," Coppernol said.

    Agents said they confiscated 100 weapons during 2012 at the airport.

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