All lanes reopen after cattle truck overturns on I-285, killing 3 cows

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — All lanes have reopened after cattle truck overturned on I-285 Friday morning. The accident killed 3 cows.

Triple Team Traffic's Mark Arum reported around 6 a.m. on Channel 2 Action News This Morning that the ramp from Interstate 285 southbound to I-20 eastbound was blocked.

Arum reported that 37 cows were onboard at the time of the crash.

DeKalb County Animal Services and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources offloaded the cows and moved them into a different hauler. The truck has since been right-sided.

The ramp was open again by 12 p.m.


This is the second time in less than a month Atlanta has seen an accident involving cows snarl a major highway during the morning commute.

At least 10 cows were killed when a tractor-trailer carrying them tipped over on I-75 on May 17.

It took almost two hours for crews to upright the that overturned cattle trailer and reopen some the highway.