• Tripp Halstead's dad training for Ironman to raise money for children with disabilities

    By: Wendy Corona


    JACKSON, Ga. - He already looks the part, but steadily Bill Halstead is becoming an Ironman.

    "If I was to do it for myself, probably not, but it's the motivation," said Halstead.

    The motivation is his son, Tripp, and all the other children and families who have been hit with devastating disabilities like their family was 10 months ago when a tree limb fell on Tripp.

    Now, just 140.3 miles in 17 hours or less, is all that stands between Bill and his family's goal to raise money for others.

    "If we're going to do fundraising, and try to do this, let's go all out! Let's do couch-to-Ironman in 13 months! Let's do it," said Halstead.

    Back in June, the Halsteads met Dave Nazaroff when he rode 900 miles from his home in New York to Georgia. He raised money along the way for Tripp.

    "My life has changed from this whole thing, for the better," Nazaroff said.

    A nine-time Ironman himself, Nazaroff knows Bill will be able to do it.

    "This is not something easy to do, but we have 13 months to get ready," Nazaroff said.

    Nazaroff will train with Bill and Team Boom. The team is already about 10 people strong and preparing for Ironman Chattanooga in a year.

    "It's like building a house. We're just going to build that house slowly until we're ready to move in and do the race," said Nazaroff.

    The race includes a 2.4 mile swim, 112 miles on a bike and a marathon. Failure is not an option.

    The Halsteads are doing this as a family. They're giving a little of themselves to hopefully change a lot for others.

    "(It) makes me cry thinking about it, have the chance to help as many kids as we can through this," said Stacy Halstead, Tripp's mother. "It's only to help as many other kids as we can because from the beginning we've been helped so, so generously."

    All of the money Bill Halstead raises will go to Sunshine On a Ranney Day and Ride to Give.

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