• Toxicology tests for Cooper Harris come back negative


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - Home Depot confirmed to Channel 2 Action News Thursday that it has terminated Justin Ross Harris from his job. The company would not provide specifics.

    Cobb County police also released toxicology tests for Cooper Harris that resulted in negative results for drugs or other chemicals.

    Cooper Harris died in June after his father left him in a hot SUV for seven hours while he was at work. Ross Harris told investigators he forgot about his 22-month-old son, but he has been charged with murder and child cruelty.

    Legal experts told Channel 2 Action News that the test results may slightly help Harris' defense, but overall has little impact on the evidence that has been presented so far.

    Harris appeared in court last week. Investigators said he was sending explicit text messages to other women while at work, as his son died. They also said Harris did Internet searches for things like life in prison and dying in a car.

    The autopsy and toxicology reports will not be released until the entire investigation has been completed, police said.

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