Toxic fumes reportedly from Cobb plant affecting air quality in Atlanta, city leader says

Toxic fumes reportedly from Cobb plant affecting air quality in Atlanta, city leader says

ATLANTA — A local leader says the air quality in Atlanta is much worse than in Cobb County from Sterigenics Facility, a medical sterilizing plant that has reportedly sent toxic fumes into the air.

Atlanta City Councilman Dustin Hillis showed Channel 2's Dave Huddleston a report that said the toxic levels are much higher in Atlanta than where the plant is located.

"I will be introducing today for immediate consideration for the feds -- a branch of the CDC -- to come in and do some independent testing," Hillis said.

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Only Channel 2 Action News talked with Hillis, who will send the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention a letter asking the agency to test the air quality off Marietta Boulevard in northwest Atlanta.

"When you look at the testing data, actually, two census tracks show in the city of Atlanta are of greater risk than right around the Sterigenics Facility," Hillis said


Channel 2 Action News has done several stories on how Cobb County residents are concerned about potential cancer-causing toxins in the air from Sterigenics.

Hillis said a 2014 map shows Atlanta residents off Moores Mill Road, Marietta Boulevard and Bolton Road are at even greater risk to be exposed to air toxins.

"We need answers now to what is in our air and what is being done to quell these emissions,” Hillis said.

Hillis said he also wants Atlanta's new health commissioner to get involved.

Huddleston shared the information with residents in northwest Atlanta who said they would like more answers.

"It's kind of scary that we live in an area with toxins, you know, things that effect our health," a neighbor told Channel 2 Action News.

Hillis is sharing his proposal with City Council members Monday at City Hall. He is also thinking of holding community meetings for people in the part of the city he represents.