• 'Tis the season for package thefts. Here's how to avoid them

    By: Alyssa Hyman


    ATLANTA - 'Tis the season for package deliveries -- and unfortunately, the season for package thefts. 

    Atlanta police are warning people to be especially aware of thieves targeting holiday gifts. 

    Channel 2's Alyssa Hyman spoke to one homeowner whose Christmas gift to her father was stolen off of her porch. 

    "It had been backordered for a month, so I have been waiting for it for a month," Kate Panek said. "It was just shocking, because I never expect anything like that in my little tucked-away neighborhood."

    Fortunately, her Ring video doorbell caught the crime on camera.

    "Yeah, it was really casual. He just walked right up to our door and took the gift," Panek said.


    She filed a police report and went on her Nextdoor app to warn her neighbors.

    "I don't think of theft happening in the middle of the day," Panek said.

    Panek isn't the only person whose package was picked up by thieves this week. 

    Other Channel 2 Action News viewers sent us surveillance videos of the same crime.

    Atlanta police Officer Lisa Bender said the best thing you can do is require someone to sign for your packages or send them to your work office. Also consider security cameras as a deterrent.

    "We're just remaining vigilant. We're asking the community to help us out," Bender said.

    Hyman reached out to a couple of online retailers for more information.

    Amazon responded and said Amazon customers can use their real-time tracking map to know exactly when the package will be delivered.

    Amazon also suggests utilizing Amazon lockers or Amazon Key as other secure ways to receive your package. 

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