In this 2Gether: Cherokee Co. wife able to donate kidney for husband in need of transplant

In this 2Gether: Wife ends up being perfect match for husband's kidney transplant

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Ga. — A Cherokee County woman is taking “relationship goals” to a whole new level. Her husband is in need of a kidney transplant. And thanks to a twist of fate, she’s going to give him one of hers.

Brian and Amber Miller knew when he made into his 30′s, Brian would likely need a kidney transplant. He’d been living with kidney disease for more than 20 years and had already undergone one transplant at the age of 19.

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“It started off as just a virus. And then eventually, the immune system attacked my kidneys instead of the virus,” said Brian.

His first donor all those years ago was his father. Miller assumed that would buy him some time before it became an issue again.

“He just didn’t know exactly when. I had decided on 35. So, he was just a couple years ahead of my plan,” said Amber.


When Brian’s disease moved up its time frame, he needed another volunteer to step in and help him get a new kidney. Little did he know the donor was in his own home.

This time his wife Amber volunteered and began the process to discover if she could be that match.

“We were optimistic and hopeful. But the reality was there just so many little variables that had to line up perfectly,” said Amber.

And line up they did.

“My coordinator, she said, I’ve got great news. You’re a direct match, and I just burst into tears. I couldn’t thank her enough for the news. My hands were shaking, my legs were shaking. Like it just it was so exciting,” said Amber.

It is overwhelming. But to find out that my spouse is a match, it’s still hard to process just with everything else going on,” said Brian.

According to the GoFundMe page set up for the family, the surgical procedure has been scheduled for Feb. 25th.

The couple strongly encourages anyone looking to become a donor to check out their options. They recommend Emory Hospital’s donation program.