• Thieves steal equipment from Morrow High School

    By: Tom Jones


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - Clayton County police say several thieves broke into a local high school and got away with electronic equipment.

    The burglars forced their way into Morrow High School and made their way to the Media Center. That's where Clayton County School officials said the burglars took several iPod Touches and possibly laptop computers and computer accessories.

    A junior, Devonte McCoy, said he arrived and was prepared to begin his day.

    "Next thing I know, I see all these police officers up here with the CSI," he said.

    Other students soon learned someone had broken into the school.

    "We were trying to figure out like how ... like how did they know how to get in?" Ramonica Walker said.

    A police spokeswoman said the burglars broke in around 2 a.m. Wednesday.

    "And we had several suspects seen inside the building and several items were taken that were electronic devices," Officer Chandi Ashmore said.

    Students said the thieves were interrupting their learning opportunities.

    "I was just completely shocked because that's the kind of stuff that we actually need for our education and for us not to be able to have that here. Somebody actually stole it. That's not good," McCoy said.

    "They really lowdown really cause we come to school and get our education. Why would you come and take something from us. We're trying to get somewhere in life," Walker said.

    Channel 2's Tom Jones asked police if they believe students were involved.

    "We're not able to determine if they were students at this time," Ashmore said.

    The school district said it hasn't tallied up the cost of the stolen items and it's working with police on this matter.

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