• Teens accused of beating Loganville student in locker room

    By: Carl Willis


    LOGANVILLE, Ga. - A beating at Loganville High School prompted police to secure arrest warrants for two 17-year-old students.

    Police Chief Mike McHugh told Channel 2's Carl Willis the department is also filing juvenile complaints against a minor involved in a campus attack. He said the incident happened around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday before gym class.

    "It's somewhat unusual to say the least," said McHugh. "It's not typical that you just have a random attack like that."

    The chief said the victim was randomly selected and jumped in the locker room.

    "It must have been pretty bad," said senior Madison Clay. "We see fights all the time, but we've never seen a fight so bad that they have warrants."

    McHugh said the victim received cuts, bumps and bruised ribs, and there was no teacher or gym instructor around to step in.
    Still, the student reported it. The school resource officer only found out about the attack when witnesses came forward after school.

    Police said it's important for students to speak up.

    "Let somebody know, because that kind of stuff can build up over time and it causes problems that no one may ever see until it's too late to intervene," said McHugh.

    A Walton County School District spokeswoman also said they are also conducting an investigation and will follow the policies outlined in the student code of conduct.

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