• Teens suspected in robbery near Michelle Nunn's office


    FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - Police have arrested two 16-year-old suspects in connection with a string or armed robberies.

    In one robbery, police said a group of men robbed and carjacked a staffer behind the campaign office for U.S. Senate candidate Michelle Nunn.

    Investigators said the two to three men broke into several parked cars in the lot behind the office.

    "One of the staff members was confronted by somebody with a gun as he was getting into the car," campaign manager Jeff DiSantis told Channel 2's Amy Napier Viteri. "They took his wallet and they took his car, although they recovered the car."

    DiSantis said officers responded quickly and found several other cars with windows smashed in and valuables stolen.

    "They've clearly stepped up patrols because we can notice that there is more of a presence and we hope they can catch them before somebody gets hurt," DiSantis added.

    Atlanta police believe the teen suspects are linked to several robberies in the city. DiSantis told Viteri staffers at Nunn's office are being cautious and leaving in groups after dark, as well as moving cars closer to the building.

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