Teen offers to run errands for seniors during coronavirus pandemic

Channel 2's Dave Huddleston spoke to his mother, who said she didn't even know he had posted the message offering to help until people reached out to applaud him.

ATLANTA — Many seniors and those with illnesses can’t get out and run their errands, get groceries, even get important medication.

In Buckhead, a young man stepped up and said, “Let me do that for you.”

Reilly O’Neill, 16, knew many of his elderly neighbors were trapped at home, so he posted a note on the NextDoor app, saying he could run errands for anyone who needed it.

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He says messages have been pouring in.

“You know, I just wanted to help out any way I could,” O’Neill said.

O’Neill knew some of his neighbors were trapped at home because of the coronavirus.

“There’s probably people out there who are really at risk of the virus who probably don’t have anyone else to rely on,” O’Neill said.

So, he posted a message on Nextdoor that said he was looking to help anyone in need during the coronavirus, and the calls for help started coming in.

“Some who are really at risk, one lady, for example, needed medication picked up from the pharmacy, so I went to Publix and got that for her,” O’Neill said.

“He never ceases to amaze me quite honestly,” Reilly’s mom told Channel 2’s Dave Huddleston via Facetime.

She said that she didn’t even know he had posted his message.

“Until I had gotten text messages from friends who had seen it, saying how much they appreciated him at his age of 16 years to be thinking of others,” she said.

He even caught the attention of City Councilman J.P. Matzegheit.

“It’s so encouraging to see this coming from our young people and our young people leading us in a time of crisis,” Matzegheit said.

Matzekheit says he already has a list of people who may need Reilly’s help, so he may be busier than he ever imagine.

Teenager who is helping seniors with their errands during coronavirus outbreak
Teenager who is helping seniors with their errands during coronavirus outbreak (WSB-TV)