• Teen driving with child accused of street racing

    By: Richard Elliot


    ALPHARETTA, Ga.,None - Alpharetta police said they found a 7-year-old in one of two cars pulled over for street racing down a busy North Fulton road. 

    Officers arrested two teenagers and charged them with reckless driving and racing on a street.
    The incident report shows an officer was running radar along Old Milton Parkway near Roswell Street Tuesday afternoon when he clocked two cars, a Dodge Charger and a Dodge Challenger, going faster than 70 mph. The posted speed limit along that section of Old Milton Parkway is 35 mph.
    Officers said they motioned for the cars to stop, and when they did, they found both drivers were teenagers. Eighteen-year-old Joshua Gaudineer and a 16-year-old were charged with misdemeanor reckless driving and street racing.
    Officers wrote in the report that when they looked in the 16-year-old's car, they found three unidentified and unrelated minors ages seven, 14 and 15. Officers also charged the 16-year-old with violating the Class D driver's license that he was issued in July.
    Police arrested Gaudineer. They held the 16-year-old at the scene and then released him to his mother. The others in the car called their parents to come pick them up.
    "Oh, it's terribly reckless," said Jamie Brittain, a parent who brought his children to a popular park along Old Milton Parkway.  "As a 16-year-old, there's no thought of the future."
    Other parents at the park thought the same thing.
    "I think, ‘Where are the parents?’" asked Natasha Sindoni.  "Where is the 7-year-old's parents? And the 16-year-old shouldn't even be driving without an adult."
    Sandy Martin lives across Old Milton Parkway from the park. She said Alpharetta police are always cruising that part of the road looking for speeders.
    "We fully support the Alpharetta police doing that," said Martin.  "We always want to make sure they're catching everybody they can who goes even one mile over 35 mph in this area."

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    Teen driving with child accused of street racing