Teen daughter of woman killed in Sandy Springs house fire 'distraught' over loss

Teen daughter of woman killed in Sandy Springs house fire 'distraught' over loss

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — While investigators continue to search for man accused of killing a mother found in a burning Sandy Springs home, that woman's teen daughter is left without parents.

Now, the community is coming together to help her.

“The worst thing that could happen did happen. No mom no dad -- she’s by herself," said friend Katie Allen.

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Allen told Channel 2's Lauren Pozen she and Payton Holliman also worked together. She is still in shock over a text she got 48 hours ago.

Allen texted Holliman to see if she would be able to babysit on Memorial Day.

"The response that I got back was, 'I am sorry but my mom died,' and I was just floored. I didn’t know what to say," Allen said.

Police found Amber Holliman dead inside a burning home on Hammond Drive on Saturday. Patrick "P.J." Nolan is charged in Holliman's murder. He's on the run.


Allen says she also knew him.

“He kept to himself. He’s mostly serious," Allen said.

As police continue to search for Nolan, those closest to the Hollimans are focusing on the young woman who lost mother.

“She graduated high school not even a week ago and woke up to find that her mom was dead," Allen said.

Allen said Payton Holliman is panicked about how she will survive both emotionally and financially.

On Monday, she set up a


<p>Patrick &quot;PJ&quot; Nolan is charged in Amber Holliman&#39;s death</p>

Patrick "PJ" Nolan is charged in Amber Holliman's death

“She is 18-year-old. She needs to grieve, she needs to recover and anything helps," Allen said.

Pozen did speak with Payton on Facebook messenger. She told Pozen her mother was her best friend and she is lost without her.

People in the community are also helping with the victim's pets. Amber Holliman's dog needs a home or a new foster. If you're interested in helping, call 404-518-6148.