• Teen breaks into home, confronted by owner

    By: Mike Petchenik


    NORTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga - A Sandy Springs teen arrested by police for burglarizing a home told officers he wanted to apologize to the victim for breaking into his home.

    Wayne Milner told Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik he was working in his home office on Granite Ridge Place Thursday when he heard a commotion coming from his master bedroom.

    “I get up, walk into the hall, and I see a male sitting on the floor going through my wife’s jewelry box,” Milner said.

    Milner said he immediately grabbed his gun and confronted the strange man.

    “I said, ‘If you make one move I’m gonna blow your head off’,” Milner recounted.  “He was shaking, he was very shaken.”

    Milner said he left his cellphone in another room, so he escorted the suspect at gunpoint down the stairs to his kitchen so he could call 911.

    “He came around the corner and hit the gun just like that and there was a struggle,” Milner said.

    He showed Petchenik cuts and bruises he suffered during the ensuing fight.  Milner said at one point the suspect bit his ear in an attempt to get to the gun.

    “It put my life in danger and also his,” he said.  “I could have killed him or he could have killed me and got the gun.”

    Sandy Springs police arrived quickly to the home.

    “Fortunately for us, officers quickly flooded the area and a short time later a K-9 officer pursued the subject,” said Sgt. Ron Momon.

    Momon said the teen asked to apologize to Milner, claiming he thought nobody was home at the time.

    “I accept his apology because I didn’t want to shoot anybody,” Milner said. 

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