• Teacher says school bus left yard in shambles

    By: Tom Regan


    ATLANTA, Ga. - A homeowner in southwest Atlanta says a public school bus tore up part of her front yard and broke a water line leading to her house and then left without offering to help. She said another bus also was blocking the street at the time.

    "They rode across the yard, put trenches in the yard, which in turn, busted my water pipe. The neighbor stood and observed them trying to take leaves and cover up the trenches so nobody would know," said Jerri Lee.

    Lee told Channel 2's Tom Regan the water line has been leaking for two weeks since the incident. The water department told her that she was responsible for repairing the broken pipe because it is on her property. She said water pressure is extremely low.

    "It takes about an hour for me to run a bath in the morning. How could someone destroy somebody's property and just drive off?" said Lee.

    Lee, who is an Atlanta middle school teacher, said a bus transportation official told her that risk management had been notified about what happened, but no one has come to her home on Oriole Street to inspect the problem.

    "It saddens me, a member of the APS family would do something like this and just leave. To me, that is very unethical," said Lee.

    The teacher's attorney said the school system needs to pay to repair the water line and lawn damage as soon as possible.

    "This just does not make any sense that she should have the inconvenience or expense of putting out money in advance for repairs," said attorney Helen Huyler.

    Regan left a message for comment from the transportation department at Atlanta Public School but had not heard back.

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