Teacher resigns after accidentally showing pornography video in classroom

SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. — A teacher is out of the job at a Sandy Springs middle school after pornographic images popped up on his personal laptop computer screen in front of a class of sixth-graders.

A Fulton County School System spokesperson told Channel 2's Carl Willis that a physical education teacher at Sandy Springs Charter Middle School meant to show students an instructional video, but instead those children were flashed with a few seconds of porn.

"Your mind goes all kinds of places as a parent, period," said Melody Kelly, a mother who said her child could have been in that class.


Word of the inappropriate incident quickly spread to parents at the school.

A letter home to parents suggests that the pornography was visible for only a few seconds.

"That's doesn't matter. A few seconds, a second -- that's unacceptable," said Harold Harris, whose son is a student.

When Willis asked about the teacher's status Thursday, a spokesperson said he had resigned and that his resignation would conclude their investigation.

But questions remain for some parents.

"It's sickening, but at the same time, that's technology. That's the chances people take," Harris said.