• Teacher accused of threatening student

    By: Eric Philips


    WALTON COUNTY, Ga.,None - A sixth-grader at Loganville Middle School says he was harassed by a teacher at the school.

    “I sent text messages to my mom saying, ‘I'm frightened,’” he told Channel 2’s Eric Philips.

    The school said it is looking into the incident, but the boy’s father wants more to be done.

    The student said it started Monday when a teacher with whom he's not familiar with walked into one of his classes.  Another student made a comment about the large amount of gel the teacher had in her hair, but she thought it was him, the student said.

    “So, she walked over to my desk and jerked me by my hoody and tried to pull me out of my chair,” he said.  “Then, she found a pair of scissors on the desk. Then, she took the scissors, put them against my neck and said she was going to chop my throat off with them.”

    The student said the threats continued the next day when he encountered the teacher in the hall.

    “Then, she pulled me into my other teacher's classroom and pulled me about 10 inches off the ground and asked me why I did not have my agenda.  I held the agenda up to her face,” he said.

    “All I ask as a parent was, why the actions?” the boy’s father Sal Gangi said.

    The father wants answers but he said school officials have refused to provide them, citing privacy laws.  

    A school representative sent Channel 2’s Eric Philips a statement saying, “Because this is a personnel matter, we cannot comment at this time.  Please rest assured that we take all allegations seriously, fully investigate them and take action when appropriate.”

    The father is not satisfied.

    “What did you do to prevent these actions from happening again?  I'm beyond words of what to say,” Gangi said.

    The student said he now is trying to stay far away from the teacher when he sees her at school.

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