• Teacher accused of cruel punishment against special needs students

    By: Tom Jones


    COLLEGE PARK, Ga.,None - A teacher at a middle school in College Park is accused of using cruel methods to punish special needs students.

    Camp Creek Middle School teacher Lavonne Alioth has been charged with three felony counts of child cruelty, and the Fulton County school district said she faces termination.

    Authorities began investigating after the school system received complaints about students being delayed to lunch. According to an arrest warrant obtained by Channel 2, Alioth deprived a special needs student of adequate food, making him stand in a corner from 8 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.

    Parents at the school were outraged.

    "As far as standing in the corner and not being able to eat, that's just crazy," Joey Green said.

    Another disabled student was forced to get into a yoga position sporadically throughout the day, the warrant said. Alioth is also accused of covering a sheet over a student in a wheelchair for being loud. The warrant added that Alioth played loud rap music riddled with expletives. A paraprofessional and a nurse said they heard the profanity.

    "I'm in shock. I don't believe this. We have never heard of anything like this happening at the school before, so I'm in shock," parent Gerren Taylor said.

    After police confirmed the reports, Alioth turned herself in. She was jailed but has since bonded out. Jones called her, but there was no response.

    Despite the allegations, parents said they still have faith in the school.

    "That's just basically her being a bad person. That's not anything to do with the school," Rolanda Breaux said.


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