Tag reading cams going up at these schools to catch speeders, sex offenders

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — School's out, but new safety measures are already planned for the upcoming school year.

New tag reading cameras are going up at four schools in Gwinnett County to catch speeders and sex offenders in school zones.

“I believe it’ll be a great idea because the safety of our children is what’s important," said parent Lauren Walker-Robertson.

Over the next few weeks, crews will install cameras at four Duluth schools: Mason and Chattahoochee elementary schools, and Duluth and Coleman middle schools.


The cameras will record any driver who speeds through the school zone.

“Take an 8-second video of each vehicle that is speeding and the tag of that vehicle," Duluth Police Department Officer Ted Sadowsk said.

Officials are also working to allow the cameras access to the statewide offender database. That way, the cameras can read tags and alert police of sex offenders who enter school zones.

“So, it’s not just speed cameras, it’s two-fold. It also acts as a safety measure for the schools as well," Sadowski said.