• Suspects accused in violent carjacking, beating appear in court

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    JONESBORO, Ga. - Two of the suspects allegedly involved in a carjacking that left a man bruised, beaten and robbed made their first court appearance Saturday.

    Frederick Anderson and David Stark are accused of a violent crime that terrorized a man and left him nearly dead.

    They appeared before a Clayton County judge Saturday morning wearing jail uniforms and with their hands in cuffs and their feet shackled.

    Channel 2's Amanda Cook was in the courtroom for the hearing, which lasted about five minutes.

    Clayton County police say the men were among the five who ambushed a 69-year-old man last week outside of his business, forced him into his own car, took him to an ATM, forced him to withdraw money, then drove him to a second location where they beat him so severely, he required hospitalization.

    Channel 2 Action News was able to speak with the victim about his horrific ordeal.

    "Why kick you in the face? Hit you upside the head? You know, they're just mean," the victim said, asking not to be identified.

    In court, Starks and Anderson were quiet. Officers told Cook, since he's been in custody, Starks has been polite and respectful, always using sir or ma'am to answer questions.

    The victim said he feels very lucky to even be alive.

    "They told me over and over again they (were) going to kill me," the victim said.

    The bond for both men was denied.

    A preliminary hearing for both men was set for April 2.

    Clayton County police are still asking for help in tracking down the other three men who were a part of this crime.

    If you have any information about this incident, Clayton County police ask that you call them at 770-473-5400.

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    Suspects accused in violent carjacking, beating appear in court

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