• Surgeon helps mom disfigured in alleged acid attack

    By: Tom Regan


    HENRY COUNTY, Ga. - A Henry County mother  who was severely disfigured in an alleged sulfuric acid attack last spring, is getting free reconstructive therapy from a doctor in north Fulton County.

    The victim, 43-year-old Christy Sims, said she was about to lose her health insurance. She worried about not being able to pay for intensive long-term skin treatment to repair the extensive scar tissue on her face, neck and arms.

    "I have not accepted the fact that I was once an attractive woman, and I’m no longer an attractive woman. The doctor coming in and saying he was going to do this, it was like a God-send. It was like a miracle. I'm very thankful," said Sims.

    Plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Benjamin Stong told Channel 2's Tom Regan that he learned about Sims through the Georgia Center for Domestic Violence.

    "Her whole face and neck have second-and third-degree burns. Quite frankly, I became very choked up hearing what she's gone through. I don't know if I'd be strong enough to go through it," said Stong.

    The surgeon said she'll need hundreds of skin laser treatments over several years, and possibly additional reconstructive surgery.

    "If we can restore to a point where she can ago out in public with makeup on, that would be an optimal goal. We can't make it like it was before the injury, but we can certainly  improve her quality of life," said Stong.

    The mother of two said an ex-boyfriend threw a bowl of liquid drain cleaner on her and staged it to look like an accident. She said after the attack, the boyfriend ignored directions from a 911 dispatcher to put her into the shower to wash off the acid, which made the burns more severe and agonizing.

    "I have not accepted the fact that somebody threw acid in my face and I did absolutely nothing to cause this. I have not accepted that yet," said Sims.

    Although her ex-boyfriend has not been charged, evidence has been turned over to Henry County District Attorney James Wright. The DA told Regan a grand jury would begin examining the case within the next few weeks and decide whether to bring indictments.

    "I hope they charge him. It will give me some solace. It's hard walking around like this, being in isolation, and knowing that he is free," said Sims.

    The mother said she looks forward to the day when she can attend her son's sports events, something most people take for granted.

    "I want to be able to go out with my kids again, go to my son's baseball games without being a distraction," said Sims.

    She has also established the Christy Sims Foundation to help victims of domestic violence.

    "I want to use my skills through this foundation to help them. I do have hope. I have gotten through a lot this past year. I see only positive things coming in the future," said Sims.

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