Woman: Sunscreen melted my Nook

Woman: Sunscreen melted my Nook

ATLANTA — A Cobb County woman has a warning after trying to protect her skin cost her an electronic book reader.

"I got my Nook out of its case and the whole back of it was melted," Jodie Brookfield told Channel 2's Jim Strickland.

Brookfield said the chemicals in her spray sunscreen damaged her Nook e-reader. She said she used the spray on her vacation but later realized it ate away at the device, right where she picked it up.
"This was a birthday present, and it's less than two weeks old," Brookfield said.

A tiny warning on the can reads it can damage some fabrics materials or surfaces.

Strickland bought the same Walgreens brand of sunscreen and sprayed some sunglasses. In a few hours, the glass frames fell apart.

Brookfield said she had concerns about long-term effects on skin, but a dermatologist said there's no need to worry.

"Skin is not plastic.  Those sunscreens have all been well-tested in laboratories to make sure that they're safe and that they're effective," said dermatologist Rutledge Forney.

Forney said any corrosive trait in the spray propellant will not harm skin, but the determatologist has another warning.

"I do say when you're spraying anything hold your breath. Why get it in your lungs?" she said.

Walgreens' spokesman Robert Elfinger planned to research the issue before commenting. Strickland found cases involving other spray brands as well.

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