Student brings loaded gun to KSU, tells psychologist he wants to 'shoot people,' police say

Police said they found a gun in the student's backpack last Wednesday.

KENNESAW, Ga. — Police said they stopped a potential threat on the campus of Kennesaw State University. Channel 2 Action News learned a student, identified by KSU police as Kenneth Glover, told a school psychologist he wanted to shoot people.

Police said they found a gun in Glover's backpack last Wednesday. They said he was sitting outside the university dining hall and appeared to be mentally unstable.

Glover was arrested when officers arrived on campus.

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KSU student Tammy Chamiska showed Channel 2's Chris Jose the alert she got from university police. It mentioned the gun said they officers found, but did not give specific details.

"It was actually scary," Chamiska said.

Some students said they didn't know about the threat until Jose told them.

"That’s scary. I didn’t know about that," a student said.

"First time I’ve heard about this. That’s a little concerning," another student said.


Police said Glover's mother requested a welfare check. According to the arrest warrant, she told officers her son "is bipolar and not on his medication and needed help."

"You always think that’s not going to happen to my school, but there’s always a possibility it could,"  student Brendan Montgomery said.

The email to students does not mention any threatening comments. It stated:

"KSUPD has no evidence that the student made any threats toward specific individuals or the community in general."

But the arrest warrant states Glover rambled to officers about "killing people." Police also said Glover told them he was Jesus and is known to stack bodies.

"Hey, I'm glad he told someone about it, because it could've been worse," student Bervelyn Benson said.

Jose reached out to a KSU spokesperson. She sent Channel 2 Action News a statement that says in part:

"At the time of the notification to the campus community on Thursday, there was no indication of an ongoing threat to campus. Statements made by the student at the time he was questioned by University officials contributed to the recommendation to have the student evaluated."

Glover is going through mental health evaluations. Police said he did not have a license to carry a firearm.