• Storms knock down trees onto homes, cars across north Georgia

    By: Katie Walls , Craig Lucie , Tom Jones , Tom Regan


    Storms moving through Georgia Wednesday knocked down trees and damaged homes in several areas. 

    North Georgia

    At least three homes and several cars were damaged in Whitfield County in north Georgia after a tornado warning was issued Wednesday morning.  

    A 76-year-old woman was in her bedroom on the other side of her home when a tree came crashing onto her roof, cutting power to most of the neighborhood.

    Just a few yards away, a tree crashed onto another roof and crews worked into the afternoon to remove the limbs. Some of the limbs crushed an SUV. 

    "Sounded like a freight train or just roaring winds and then I heard the crash. It all happened in about 15 seconds," Sue Burk said. 

    The National Weather Service will be sending a survey crew to confirm whether or not it was a tornado that caused the damage. 


    Trees crashed down in a northwest Atlanta neighborhood, and one nearly sliced through Channel 2's Craig Lucie's home. 

    Sam Gulley lives around the corner from Lucie and said his camera caught a tree smashing into his home Saturday. 

    "We were lucky we were not here," he said.

    Around 5:30 a.m. Wednesday, Lucie woke up to a loud boom and a call from his neighbor. A large tree came crashing down and took two medium-sized trees with it. 

    The tree took out part of Lucie's fence. A tree specialist said that root decay may be why the tree came down. He said when a tree is next to a structure, like a house, the roots can't expand and eventually winds and moist ground will bring it down.

    DeKalb County

    A woman in DeKalb County described the frightening moment a tree crashed on her car as she was driving. 

    Latrice Johnson was driving along Barge Road around noon when a tree came down on her Honda Civic. 

    "I felt a boom on top of my head," she said.

    The tree also knocked down power lines. A good Samaritan stopped to help get Johnson out of the car safely.


    She was taken to the hospital with minor head and neck injuries. 

    A homeowner in DeKalb County narrowly escaped a giant tree that sliced through the side of her house. 

    Chelsea Eller said she was sleeping in her home on Empire Forest Drive when the tree fell.


    "It was just 10 seconds of constant rumbling, shrubbery hitting the side of the house," she said. 

    Crews said strong wind could be what caused the tree to come down. Eller said she is thankful she was able to escape without a scratch.

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