• Stay-at-home mom gets law changed to start cake business


    ATLANTA - A metro Atlanta woman challenged state lawmakers and won in a fight to fulfill her dreaming of starting a business.
    The stay-at-home mother took action when she found out what the state required to start a cake decorating business.

    "When you bring a cake to a kid on their birthday and it's got all their favorite characters on it, and their face lights up, you can't buy that," Sara Rylander told Channel 2’s Dave Huddleston.

    She started a small home business called Totally Sweet Cakes, but said she almost gave up when she found out about the state’s business requirements.

    “I knew I need a business license, liability insurance, this that and the other,” Rylander said.

    But she said she couldn't afford other requirements.

    "You had to have a second kitchen in your home, which had to be completely separate from your living space," she said.

    She started an online petition to change Georgia law and brought her ideas to the state capitol to share with lawmakers.


    "The basic issue is that the basic safety requirements have been met," Agriculture commissioner Gary Black said.

    Black met with Rylander and sided with her. This month, he streamlined the process for anyone who wants to start a home cake, pie or bread business.  He got rid of some of the requirements, such as a second kitchen, but kept tough food safety laws.

    "We thought this was a good marriage of helping people get in business and still meet our objective for public health," Black said.

    Rylander still hasn't applied for her business license yet. She's busy spreading the word online and helping others around the state get their license.

    "It's a pretty good feeling at the end of the day, and hopefully it will work out well for people," she said.

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