• Statement from Loclly attorney


    ATLANTA - Businesses choose to generate sales activity by working with Loclly, as did this merchant.  The merchants can also terminate the relationship whenever they choose. 

    A payment issue arose when the vendor at issue submitted $1,000 in coupon reimbursement requests to Loclly all at once.  Loclly.com’s vendor agreement requires that coupons be submitted for reimbursement when services are provided and as they are redeemed from consumers.  That way Loclly can confirm consumer use and has accurate daily records of coupon fulfillment by merchants.

    This coupon was for oil changes that had been accumulated for a number of months.  Loclly paid 2/3 of the amount to the vendor ($666) and expects to pay the remainder shortly, after confirming that the oil changes were actually provided to consumers. "

    -David L. Turner
    Schulten Ward & Turner, LLP

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    Statement from Loclly attorney

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