State Superintendent: Common Core math not mandated

Ga. school chief pushing for traditional math instead of Common Core standards

ATLANTA — Georgia's state superintendent says he's heard the concerns of teachers and parents about Common Core.

He told Channel 2's Lori Geary Wednesday he wants everyone to know that Common Core math is not mandated in the state of Georgia.

State Superintendent Richard Woods says by complicating elementary school math, some parents can't even figure out how to help their children with homework.

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"Last year, second grade a double-sided math sheet came home to me explaining how to do the homework with my son," said parent Stacey Gyorgyi.

Gyorgyi, who lives in Gwinnett County, says that's when her frustration with Common Core math boiled over.

"What is going on in our schools?" said Gyorgyi. "The kids are stressed. They're so confused with this math. It makes no sense."

Woods says the new method makes solving a simple problem like 29+17 a 10 or 20 step process. He told Geary it's time to go back to the way math used to be taught in schools.

“Right now, we're just having to say, ‘Let's just stop. Put some common sense back into education,’” Woods said. “It's ok to do math the way we've done it.”

Woods said students are no longer getting the basics when it comes to math, and many are struggling.

“We have too many kids taking remedial math and English in a post-secondary experience. To me, that's going back to a weaker foundation,” Woods said.

Woods is also looking into the issue of testing and how school systems can streamline that process.