• State reps trying to repeal gun restrictions at churches, colleges

    By: Craig Lucie


    ATLANTA - A couple of Georgia State Representatives are trying to repeal the government’s restriction on allowing guns in churches and college campuses.

    The pro-gun bills were heard before the House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee Monday.

    They are House Bills 28, 29 and 335.

    Republican State Representative Charles Gregory of Kennesaw introduced HB 28 and HB 29 and both of them would repeal two government-created Criminal Safe Zones in Georgia.

    “To be clear HB 28 would not force any individual to own or carry a weapon or any church to allow weapons on premises against their wishes,” Gregory said.

    House Bill 28’s goal is to repeal the government's restriction on carrying firearms in places of worship.

    H-B 29 basically says the same thing and would allow people to legally carry guns on Georgia's college and university campuses.

    “It’s naïve and impractical and utopian to think that government can be everywhere all the time to protect everyone. The average police response time is approximately 10 minutes.

    "How many unarmed victims do you think a deranged gunman could kill during that time?" Gregory asked in his speech. 

    "Our most precious personal and sacred venues should not be marked with government signs which invite catastrophic events,” Gregory said.

    Channel 2’s Craig Lucie went to Georgia Tech’s campus to get a student’s opinion on the bills being introduced.

    “I do not think students should be allowed. I think campus police do a really good job protecting us as it is,” Victoria Ayo told Lucie.

    Rep. Tom Kirby of Loganville also introduced House Bill 335 which mirrors House Bill 28. It would also allow churches to decide whether or not guns should be allowed on their property.

    “I don’t see this as a gun bill. This is about safety and security. We don’t have a gun problem. We have a violence problem in this country,” Kirby said.


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