State lawmakers pushing new ‘hands-free driving' bill

ATLANTA — Georgia lawmakers are hearing testimony from families who lost loved ones due to distracted driving.

Anti-distracted driving legislation is one of the big bills being discussed Monday at the capitol. Channel 2's Richard Elliot was there where a study committee began hearing testimony on it.

State Representative John Carson of Marietta is pushing this bill forward. He said he wants to see Georgia become a hands-free state.


Drivers wouldn't be able to touch their phones while driving except to make or end a call or for GPS navigation.

The bill, Carson said, would save lives.

"I can't tell you how many people, mothers, fathers and grandparents have cried on my shoulder because they've love their daughter or they lost their son because it was just a texting,” Carson said. “It was just a Facebook post. It was just a Twitter repost."