• Special needs student dropped off at wrong stop

    By: Eric Philips


    ROSWELL, Ga.,None - A north Fulton County mother is upset after her son, who uses a wheelchair, was let off the wrong bus stop during Wednesday’s storms.


    Sabrina Bey said instead of letting her teenage son, Silimi, off in front of their Roswell apartment, his bus driver told the teen to get off in the rain at another section of the apartment complex.


    “She shouldn't treat people like me like that,” the teen told Channel 2’s Eric Philips.


    Silimi Bey said he still doesn't understand what happened while he was on his school bus.


    “[She] just spun around and just parked and said, ‘C'mon,’ with a mean attitude,” Silimi said.


    The teen's nurse, Serice Pratt, was following the bus after using a key card to let it into the complex. She said she tried to tell the driver she was not letting Silimi off at the right place.


    “She closed the bus doors in my face and started letting him down the leverage,” Pratt said.  “Be in mind it was raining yesterday, and he has an electric chair.”


    Salimi Bey said neighbors ran to his aid after the drop-off.


    “She just cannot do this and get away with it,” his mother said.


    According to the Transportation Safety Handbook for students with special needs, bus drivers are never permitted to drop a student off at any location other than the student's designated stop.


    School officials told Philips construction prevented the driver from getting to Silimi Bey's usual stop, but the family denies that claim. They've now switched drivers on his route to help defuse the situation.  


    “What she did was not right,” Bey said. “I just don't want this to happen to somebody else's child.”


    School officials said they believe there had been an ongoing dispute between the bus driver and the teen’s mother.

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