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Woman smells 'nothing but death' in her apartment after neighbor dies

EAST POINT, Ga. — An East Point woman says she can’t live in her own home after a neighbor passed away and his body remained in his apartment for weeks.

Cathedral Campbell took Channel 2’s Carl Willis through her apartment, showing him how it is crawling with bugs and has what she calls the smell of death throughout the apartment.

Campbell said it all started when she noticed her apartment was being overrun with flies.

The woman said it all started when she noticed her apartment was being overrun with flies.

"Flies, the smell, nothing but death in my apartment," Campbell said.

That’s when she realized the man downstairs from her passed away.

Campbell said she complained about a smell, but told Willis that the leasing office at the Hidden Cove Apartments thought the smell may have been a dead animal.

For weeks, the body decomposed and was only removed last Wednesday.


And now, it's been days that Campbell said she’s been dealing with insects and an awful smell.

Campbell and her neighbors told Willis the cleanup has barely started at the man’s apartment.

"I can't live like this. When I kill the bugs, they're letting out maggots," Campbell told Willis.

Campbell said the staff is taking too long and the conditions are unsanitary.

"I’ve been sitting outside the majority of the time. I can't sleep. Because all I think is if this bug gets on me, I know where this bug has been," Campbell said.

She told Willis that the apparent reason behind the delay just isn't right.

"They're trying to get approval from corporate. Corporate should have been out here that day and had it approved for us to be out of there and it's not only me, it's a couple of my neighbors too," Campbell said.

Willis attempted to get answers during business hours at the leasing office. The open sign was showing but the doors were locked.

Willis saw a leasing office employee leave the building and attempted to ask her questions about the cleanup, but the employee got in her car without saying a word.

Campbell said the property management needs to do right by residents who say they can't eat, sleep or even sit in their own apartments.

"I feel bad because right is right and wrong is wrong. That's not right. I pay my bills and do what I’m supposed to do," Campbell told Willis.