Woman says intruder tried to break into her home twice just days apart

A homeowner said someone tried to break into her house for the second time this month -- until she shot at the would-be intruder and scared him away.

Channel 2's Alyssa Hyman is in East Point, where police said there have been at least five break-ins in the Heritage Park neighborhood this month.

Hyman spoke to  Tiffany Wiseman, whose home is still damaged from when the criminal broke in the first time earlier this month.

Channel 2 Action News spoke to Wiseman after the first break-in attempt. Less than two days later, she said the suspect came back again and hit more houses than just hers.

The would-be intruder never made it inside Wiseman's the second time.

Wiseman said she barricaded her front door after the first break-in, afraid the intruder would hit her home again. She even decided to arm herself, never imagining the criminal would actually come back.

But that's exactly what happened Thursday night, Wiseman said.


"He went for the door and tried to kick at it," Wiseman said. "He got the door knob off again. Once I popped (fired the gun) he was gone and I called police."

Wiseman fired at the suspect and missed. He got away. She said the creepiest part about the attempted break-ins is that the man didn't take anything. When she saw him, he just stared at her.

Police said that all but one of the break-ins, nothing was stolen.

"It's creepier when you don't know a motive," Wiseman said. "Like, 'What do you want?' So it's obvious he wants to harm us. We have to be ready."

Hyman talked to a neighbor, who said she was shaken by the thefts.

"I can't believe it. Two break-ins at the same house? It's crazy" the neighbor said. "Just scary. Go in, lock your door."

Wiseman has put up signs in her subdivision to warn her neighbors.

Police have released home security video of a person of interest in the case, who they believe might have been the lookout.

The person of interest has a tattoo with the letters O.G. or the numbers 06. Police said there is a high probability that all the cases are connected.