South Fulton County

Woman battles insurance company for weeks to bury dead son

SOUTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — A murdered teen’s mother has not been able to bury him because she said her insurance company was refusing to pay.

Donte Miller was shot and killed at the Lakeside Reserve Apartments in College Park on Oct. 22.

“He’s been above ground for two weeks and you’re telling me I have to wait a month or two or maybe a whole year to bury him?” Miller’s mother, Beatty Beasley, said.

Beasley said weeks after her son’s death, she was still fighting her insurance company.

“It made me feel like they don’t have any compassion for my son and him being buried and the promise they initially gave me,” she said.

Beasley said the company told her that until they do a medical review, they would not pay out the $10,000 policy for her son’s burial.


“He didn’t die from a terminal illness. He was murdered,” Beasley said.

The mother signed up for a policy with Pioneer Security Life Insurance in May. That policy also allows the company to do what they’re doing because of a two-year contestability clause.

Attorney L. Chris Stewart disagrees with the company’s policy, even though it’s a legal contract.

“This mother tried to do the right thing, tried to protect herself and her kids, got life insurance and has to go through this with this company and can’t bury her son,” he said.

Channel 2's Nefertiti Jaquez tried to get a response from the Texas-based insurance company, but they refused to answer her questions.

“I wasn’t prepared for this. My main purpose for the insurance was to not have to deal with this type of situation,” Beasley said.

Late Thursday night, Beasley told Jaquez that the insurance company called to say that they will now pay out the policy so she can bury her son.

The state insurance office says you can file a complaint with them if something like this were to happen to you.