• Slider thieves aren't just stealing from cars ... they're driving off in them

    By: Matt Johnson


    SOUTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - A South Fulton County gas station has become a target for thieves lately who are not just stealing from the cars, they're driving off with them.

    Channel 2's Matt Johnson spoke to Kip Causley over Facetime after he became the fourth person to have a car stolen within the past 10 days.

    "I was gone about 45 seconds, and within that short time somebody came and jumped in my Tahoe and took off with it," he said.

    His Tahoe was at the BP on Flat Shoals Road near I-85 on Tuesday night after a hunting a trip. He said a gun and $7,000 worth of hunting gear was inside.

    He even had a dead deer in a hitch haul carrier on the back of the car.

    "They took the deer too. I kind of wish the dead animal might have deterred him," Causley said.

    When Causley came outside, his Tahoe was gone.


    Johnson spoke to gas station employees who say thieves have stolen from three other people since Christmas Eve while they pumped gas.

    They said the thieves are experienced and spend time picking what vehicles to steal.

    "It was about five, six witnesses that saw it all take place but nobody could run it down, they came up in another vehicle. Apparently they were watching me," Causley said.

    He left his SUV unlocked for less than a minute and it was gone. A mistake he said thieves are eager to capitalize on.

    "Call it having too much faith in community. I don't know," Causley said.

    In each of the four cases, employees said they have turned over video to South Fulton police.

    No word yet if the video captured any helpful images of the suspects.

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