Security guard shot outside movie set remains in ICU, police searching for gunmen

Security guard shot while working on a movie set

SOUTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — Police want to question the three young men they say shot a security guard on a movie set.

The crew was setting up at the Citizen Lanes Bowling Alley in Union City when someone shot the guard who is a wife and mother.

Channel 2's Tom Jones learned Tomesha Brown was hit when the shooter near some trees, started firing at a production crew member.

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Brown’s mother said she is an emotional wreck.

“I keep going through these emotions because she is just a wonderful mom. I’m Just trying to make it,” said the victim's mother Suzette Brown.

Suzette Brown said she taught her daughter to work hard, to get whatever she wanted in life. She became emotional when talking to Jones about her 28-year-old daughter, who is now in intensive care.

“For this to happen is just so unfair,” Suzette Brown said.

Tomesha Brown had just arrived at work when she was shot.


“Just being innocent and then you're in a situation where you can't even work on your job because somebody trying to kill you,” Suzette Brown said.

The bowling alley gave Jones video of three young men walking through the parking lot. A production crew member told them the parking lot was off-limits.

The young men walked off the property and the video showed the production crew member exchange words with them. That's when one of the young men started shooting.

Tomesha Brown, an innocent bystander, was hit.

“Just to see this just hurt so much, I'm sorry,” Suzette Brown said.

Brown's mother said it doesn't make any sense.

“And something has to be done. I mean justice needs to occur and it needs to occur quickly,” Suzette Brown said.

Police said they have received a number of tips and are following up on credible leads.