South Fulton County

Residents worry after several people are hit crossing street in East Point

EAST POINT, Ga. — People in a south Fulton County city are worried after cars hit three people in just six months.

Main Street in East Point is also U.S. 29, and people trying to get to a MARTA station often have to dodge traffic in the crosswalk.

"I see people not stopping, people flying by in a blur, and it's really scary," witness Teressa Carver told Channel 2's Carl Willis.

People in East Point told Willis that the crosswalk is out of control despite the signs telling drivers to stop for pedestrians.

Residents say drivers are ignoring those on foot and speeding through the 35-mile-an-hour zone.

"It's like a straightaway. They come from Washington Road and it's like the wild west out here," Carver said. “In the last year, three people have been hit by cars. I think two of them have been hit-and-runs."


Witnesses from inside the Flower Cottage on Main Street told Willis they saw a woman get hit in the crosswalk on Monday.

Willis said in the matter of an hour Friday night, he saw one car going the wrong way down the one-way highway and also saw several cars blowing through the crosswalk even though there were pedestrians in it.

He also saw a sign that used to be in the middle of the road, but had been put to the side after someone ran over it.

“It was gone in like two hours after they put it up," Carver told Willis.

Residents and workers along Main Street say the crosswalk needs flashing lights and a button to allow pedestrians to cross. They say they've been reaching out to authorities but have made no progress.

"I don't know if we're dealing with the state or the city, but we're hoping we can reach out to somebody and they help us fix this issue,” business owner Richard Ramey said.

"It should be a federal DOT or a state DOT responsibility to keep these people coming across safe," Carver said.