• Residents unsure who will police portion of South Fulton County in coming months

    By: Nefertiti Jaquez


    SOUTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - People in a portion of South Fulton County are concerned they could lose police coverage.

    Business owners along Fulton Industrial Boulevard, from Campbellton Road to Charlie Brown Airport said they’ don't know who will protect them.

    There is uncertainty as to who will police the area starting in March.

    “It’s a major concern, not only for myself but also other business owners,” said Braxton Banks, who owns a barbershop along Fulton Industrial Boulevard. 

    Channel 2’s Nefertiti Jaquez learned the uncertainty has to do with the creation of the new city of Renaissance.

    Residents in South Fulton County voted on May 1 to become a city, however, that does not include the stretch of Fulton Industrial Boulevard, because state law says it cannot be annexed.

    When the new city of Renaissance takes on police services, the area will not be included.


    Jaquez got a statement from Fulton County leaders that said, in part:

    “We are evaluating our options for this ongoing service and are carefully considering the needs of the community as well as our employees. A final decision on how services will be provided will be made in early 2018.”

    Banks said he’s concerned because thieves are targeting businesses, and county leaders don’t have a plan in place.

    “It’s certainly disappointing because I was a former Fulton County police officer and this has been in talks for three years -- the city of South Fulton, the new city, it being annexed,” he said.

    County leaders said it is their responsibility to service the community as long as the area is unincorporated.

    Banks said he isn’t so sure that’s the case.

    “If something were to happen and we dial 911, who would come? That’s a big concern,” he said. 

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