South Fulton County

Police: Teen boasts of stealing Porsches on social media

HAPEVILLE, Ga. — Hapeville police are trying to locate a teen who stole two high-performance Porsche SUVs as they were being delivered at Porsche North American Headquarters on Jan. 16.

Detectives showed Channel 2's Tom Regan surveillance video from a camera mounted on the dashboard of the delivery truck.

The video shows a white sedan pulling in and a young man approaching the side of the truck.


Police say while the delivery driver was around the back of the truck, the teenager got into the truck cab and took the keys of one or more vehicles that the driver had already offloaded.

Moments later, the teen drives off in a black Porsche Cayenne valued at more than $120,000 with the white sedan following behind.

"They actually drove off, made a U-turn and came back," said Hapeville Police spokeswoman Adrea Boyes.

While the delivery driver was waiting for police to arrive, the car thieves returned and stole a second SUV, a Porsche Mican with an estimated value of $90,000.

"When the white Porsche left, they left the scene at such a high rate of speed they actually almost hit the delivery truck driver," Boyes said.

Hapeville police initiated a pursuit of the stolen SUV and the companion car but called it off on I-75/85 for safety reasons. They say the SUV was speeding at more than 100 mph.

Within two days, police located the stolen SUVs at two separate locations in Atlanta.

One sustained damage to the front end. Inside, police found a stolen set of knives, gun holster and evidence of drug use.

Police say the teen, captured on security video, later posted cellphone video of himself driving one of the stolen SUVs on Instagram.

"He also was boasting in the social media that everyone else was stealing Fords, and he's got a Porsche,” Boyes said.

Police told Regan they have identified the teen in the security video and have prepared arrest warrants.

They believe two to three others were involved in the car thefts.