Police search for man they say is behind massive tire dump

UNION CITY, Ga. — Police are searching for a man they say somehow dumped thousands of tires behind a Union City subdivision.

Investigators told Channel 2's Nefertiti Jaquez that several warrants have been issued Donald Leverette across the metro for illegal dumping of tires.

Neighbors in the area say not only are they worried about their homes, but their health as well.

“We work very hard to keep these properties up and to know that someone can just come in and dump that behind our homes,” neighbor John Taylor said.

Thousands of tires have been dumped in an undeveloped area of around the Southwind Subdivision in Union City.  Nearby residents say they’ve been dealing with the problem since December.


“It’s beyond just frustrating. It’s devastating,” Taylor told Jaquez. 

Taylor said he and many of his neighbors have paid up to $500,000 for their homes and now they’re concerned about environmental and health hazards the tires are causing. 

“I have three children. I am terrified because I live directly down the street in front of those of tires,” Taylor said.  

Jaquez learned Wednesday evening that Union City police are searching for man they say has been illegally dumping the tires along Oakhurst Place. 

Investigators have been working around the clock to catch Donald Leverette after residents filed their initial complaint with the city’s code enforcement department. 

Police believe the 34-year-old suspect has dumped more than 1,000 tires along the street. 

“I don’t think it is humanly possible for one guy to have dropped off all of those tires,” Taylor said.  

Detectives echo that sentiment and say that’s something they’re looking into. As for residents, they just want these tires removed.